Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Recipe/Technique: Oven Fried Goodness

If you are one of my facebook buds, you may have seen the picture of my dinner from last night.

The sis and I grilled corn on the cob, turkey burgers for her and a portabella mushroom for me. This was the first time for us using the grill sans the hubster. Then, we made oven fried zucchini and squash and served it all with a bit of pizza sauce. YUM!

I got the recipe idea from another blog. It is super easy, cheap and really really really tasty.

Let me also add that even as a vegetablarian, there are some veggies I don't like or don't love. I still eat most of them from time to time because they are good for me and because you never know when you might start liking them or when you'll find a preparation you'll like. Well, I have found such a preparation for squash and zucchini. It will probably work for other veggies as well, just play around and see what you like.

To make you will need:
  • Some squashes or zucchinis. We made one of each, so that we each had half a squash and half a zucchini.
  • Bread crumbs. I recommend the kind with italian seasoning. I would not recommend panko. Start with 1/2 cup but you might need more.
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 T of grated hard cheese: asiago, parmesan, etc.
  • S & P
  • Olive oil cooking spray or olive oil in a pump sprayer
  • A bag of some variety
  • Cookie sheets
To make you will:
  1. Set oven to 425
  2. Spray cookie sheets with olive oil
  3. Slice veggies into thin sticks or circles
  4. Put egg white in a bowl
  5. Mix bread crumbs, cheese and S & P in the bag
  6. Coat veggies in egg white individually or a few at a time.
  7. Put them into the bag and shake until coated. You can even say "It's shake and bake and I helped" if you like.
  8. Place the coated veggies on the cookie sheets. Pack em in if you need to.
  9. Spray the veggies with olive oil.
  10. Bake ~15 minutes or until brown.
  11. Serve with marinara or pizza sauce (I prefer the latter.)
  12. Eat immediately. They are delicous while hot but quickly get cold and aren't as good.
So, what other veggies can I try?

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