Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Market Is Looking Good

Have you been to your local farmer's market this season?
This year?

If so, what have you purchased?

Lately I've been buying farm fresh eggs from local, happy chickens each weekend. I promise, once you taste fresh, local eggs you won't go back!

I've also been buying greens, plants for my garden, greenhouse tomatoes, homemade jellies, and some meat for the hubster. This past weekend I also got to buy local strawberries that were picked the morning I bought them. Sooooooo good! Yay for strawberry season!

If you haven't been to your local market and don't even know where it is/they are, try searching here. You might even have multiple markets that offer different things or are open at different times.

For instance, I have:
  • the state market which is open year round every day but doesn't always offer local produce (many booths supplement with out of state items) and most of the produce is not organic. But it's still nice to purchase fresh produce and plants there when other options are not available.
  • a small market for the town I live in, which is about a mile from my house. It's only open a few hours on Saturday during the summer. The selection is small, but it's a nice community market.
  • a relatively large market in a neighboring town that is filled with local produce, meat, cheese, plants, etc. It's mostly organic and sustainable.
  • there are also markets in the cities near mine (all within 20 minutes or so) that I could visit for something different.
  • there are some markets that are only open one day a week, that meet in a parking lot and cater to working individuals.
I have nearly endless choices each week!

All you need is to locate your market, get some cash (I recommend about $20) and go stroll around! The farmers/vendors will answer any questions you might have whether it be "are you organic?" or "what the heck is that and how do you cook it?" Many will also gladly give you samples. Last week I got to taste freshly made risotto, goat cheese, salad greens and a ton of different strawberries.

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